Friday, October 1, 2010

Featured Storyteller Spotlight: Olga Loya

Influenced by the lively but often true tales of her father and grandmother, Olga Loya embraces the rich storytelling tradition that was very much a part of her childhood growing up in East Los Angeles. Her family and person stories often explore the complexity of growing up and living as a bicultural person – Mexican and American – in the United States of today and yesterday.
Loya uses stories as a way of examining themes like healing, racism, and multiculturalism. She incorporates a variety of performance styles, including improvisation, movement and dance, song, and instruments. In addition to storytelling before all types of audiences, Loya also performs one-woman theater pieces and has written a book, “Momentos Mágicos (Magic Moments),” which won the Aesop Accolade in 1998, the International Reading Association Award for young adults and an America’s Commendation for young adults.

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